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Reacting to Words of Hate with Works of Love for Pride

We wanted to make a difference. A real difference. So, we joined forces with 20-years-trusted voice within the LGBT+ community: Smirnoff, who wanted to do much more than just fly the pride flag this year. This summer Exposed were proud to have launched Smirnoff’s #ChooseLove campaign: a reactive, social initiative that took an artistic stand against anti-LGBT+ trolls.

Every year, the Pride celebrations are a positive reminder to us all that the fight to eliminate homophobia and transphobia continues to push forward. In order to celebrate this Exposed monitored social media platforms to identify anti- LGBT + posts, whilst working alongside a talented team of illustrators who reacted to these messages of aversion by creating bespoke artwork of love.

By taking the offensive tweets out of the hidden, personal, digital environment and reacting in a thought-provoking and positive way, the Smirnoff #ChooseLove campaign successfully spread love and brought the issue to the public’s attention in a defiant way. Our aim was to encourage a dialogue of understanding, respect and compassion on both social media and in wider society.

Check out the Smirnoff #ChooseLove collective for all the works of love on their IG channels here:

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