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W Hotels launch limited edition 'Do Not Disturb' hangers, with a Pride twist

W Hotels have been standing proud and shouting loud in support of Pride around the world for years, helping embrace their guests with empowering and supportive messaging: Be Who You Are, Wherever You Are. And this year, they asked us at Exposed to create a little bit of love & magic for their flagship Soho Hotel & Instagram channel. Pride is the time of year that really empowers the LGBTQ+ community to say Do Not Disturb WHO I AM.

Our goal? To spread messages of love & support, prompting smiles, giggles and art for all along the way. So, in order to do this, we approached the brief with honesty, respect & creativity at the heart of our strategy.

How? We partnered with fabulous and influential artist @tyler_spankler to create an entire series of limited edition W Hotel ‘Do Not Disturb’ hangers, with a Pride twist... These were then launched via Instagram on iconic LGBTQ+ doors around London, and of course, one even appeared on the door of 10 Downing Street! Find these limited-edition hangers on every single room door in W Hotel London, a bespoke piece of Pride art for every single guest.

GayTimes UK loved the concept so much that we invited them to write their own sign, which Tyler then created just for them in time for Pride.

Find out how you can win a surprise limited edition hanger signed by Tyler himself, available to win via the social channels during Pride. Stay tuned: