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For the past 3 years, Thorpe Park have been collaborating with illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown to create a totally new kind of attraction.

Our brief was not only to build anticipation and excitement around Thorpe Park’s coming attraction, but to sow the seeds of misinformation so fans wouldn’t know what the attraction was going to be until it was officially announced.


For inspiration we looked to the rising trend for intentionally hiding Easter Eggs in teaser and trailers to get super-fans buzzing.

We devised a campaign microsite featuring hidden, secret content that users would need to hunt to find, including some that were unlocked by the swiping of specific gestures via tablets and mobile screens, a world first that allowed us to demonstrate our appetite for innovative, original approaches.


  • Clues were seeded in teaser films posted via Thorpe Park's social channels, which went on to be viewed over 380,000 times
  • By the close of the campaign the site had been visited by over 255,000 unique users and over 158,000 secret codes had been used.
  • All with no media spend