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Heineken were about to launch their new global moderate drinkers campaign - the challenge? We needed to make sure this broad, globally targeted message and creative landed with British Heineken drinkers and British ‘Men Of The World’.

And we had just 4 weeks to do it.


We needed to speak to the uniquely humble, self-deprecating side of British ‘Men Of The World’, who’re quick to poke fun at themselves and are all the more admirable more for it.

To do this, we worked in collaboration with 4 comedians (Adam Hesse, Emily Hartridge, Carl Donnelly and Henry Paker) to share their experiences of not so responsible drinking to demonstrate the benefits of moderation, from texting your ex-girlfriend at 3am, to taking the ‘scenic’ bus route to your previous address.


  • Carefully choreographed edits of these anecdotes then appeared on Heineken’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram profiles, receiving 2M views on Facebook and 1.5M views on YouTube.