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Thomson Cruises came to us with a problem that’s affecting the whole industry, people think going on a cruise means being trapped on a boat with old people and rubbish buffets.

Cruise companies have been trying to change that perception through advertising for years, but consumers just don’t believe it.


We needed to find a more compelling way to show consumers that they were wrong, which they wouldn’t just automatically block out at the first mention of ‘cruise’. We needed a way to get the public coveting cruises without even realising it, so we created #NotForMe.

The campaign kicked off by sending off a series of influential Instagrammers and Vloggers to experience a Thomson Cruise, with one catch, they couldn't let on to their followers that they were on a cruise.

Our challenge to them was to share the amazing views, the amazing local food, the amazing wildlife and amazing people they met, without ever showing a cruise ship. When they finally did reveal that they'd been on a Thomson Cruise their followers were amazed and reconsidered their opinion on cruises, maybe a cruise 'is' for them.


  • Over the course of the campaign we worked in collaboration with 18 Instagram influencers who combined have more than 4.6M followers.
  • They posted a total of 173 campaign related Instagram posts, generating an estimated 41M impressions, along with 633,000 Likes (over 4 x the lifetime Likes of Thomson’s official Instagram profile)
  • In addition to this the campaign generated 106 pieces of earned media coverage (64 online, 27 in print and 15 on the radio)
  • Photography produced by influencers was used for outdoor display media, in store promotional material and even on Thomson Airline’s onboard entertainment