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When we noticed a growing trend for ‘long tail keyword searches’ around the best underwear for occasions, life-stages and styles, “the best bra to wear with a wedding dress?”, “the best bra to wear after breast augmentation?”, “the best bra to wear for Zumba?”, we saw an amazing opportunity for one of our long standing clients, Triumph Underwear.


We went to with PPC strategy which meant that they could completely side-step the bidding wars for more obvious key words by focusing on the longer search terms their competitors hadn’t even picked up on

We worked in collaboration with 16 of Triumph’s key markets to identify questions and queries relevant to their local customers and a content strategy was developed to answer these questions on the Triumph site, funnelling visitors towards online purchases.


  • The campaign’s results were staggering, with Triumph’s cost per click reducing by 40%, paid search traffic increasing by 500% and Triumph’s search traffic breaking the 1,000,000 mark for the first time.
  • But more than just making for an impressive year, the strategy has led to an on-going program. With each season we review the long tail keyword searches we target with local markets and refine existing content / devise new website content accordingly. The result is a strategy the naturally grows and refines with every passing season.