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Most people think all green tea is the same, but at Clipper, we know it’s not.

From chlorine bleached bags, careless processing and poorly paid tea pickers, there are a lot of not-so-nice secrets lucking in the green teas made by Clipper’s biggest competitors.

Our brief was to get more consumers to choose Clipper’s delicious, honest green tea over the green tea produced by Clipper’s biggest competitors.


If consumers knew how our competitors made their green tea, we’d make Clipper the only choice.

So to exposure these uncomfortable truths we created the ‘Very Honest Tea Shop’, a real East London tea shop run by a shockingly honest tea lady.

Here she confronted customers with the unscrupulous practices of our competitors to shock customers into reevaluating their tea purchasing habits.

Viewers were then driven to our ‘Online Tea Shop’, offering visitors a coupon to try Clipper for themselves.


  • 'The Truthful Green Tea Shop' YouTube video has received 250,000 view since launch (more that 4X our pre-campaign target of 60,000)
  • Vouchers claimed from the campaign's accompanying 'online teashop' had a redemption rate of 33% (typically brands would expect circa 25%)
  • And of course, one very happy client